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IPPO Beverage Ltd (Asian Distributor)

IPPO BeverageIs the " Oranfresh® brand machines" asia distributor .

Agroindustry Advanced Technology SpA (Agricultural Advanced Technologies AG)
A.A.T. (Agroindustry Advanced Technologies S.p.A.), with the Oranfresh® brand, develops and produces agro-industrial machines using the most innovative technologies and processes for the Horeca (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) sector, with the aim to satisfy the growing demand for “healthy food”.
Produces and sells a wide range of juicers, commercial centrifuges machines, a vending line and other products which are sold in over XNUMX countries all over the world, including China,
consumer’s growing demand for a healthy and natural diet. It provides the Oranfresh® brand machines for the catering and vending sector, promoting the consumption of freshly squeezed juice

With Oranfresh® smart vending machines, you can provide your customers a pasteurized natural health drink anywhere, replacing the usual high-calorie carbonated drinks.

Thanks to our international patented juicing process and its unique juicing rate, Oranfresh® vending machines produce high-quality, oil-free, fruitless, orange juice in seconds. From the big window in the vending machine security glass, consumers can see the entire orange juice extraction process.

The brand's "OR Take Away" is the only vending machine in the world that can seal cups with a twist cap. The maximum capacity of the bottle up to 500 ml, consumers can enjoy their own preferences.

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